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Rules & Regulations
  • No skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, or roller skates are permitted within the Park.
    Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted within the Park.

  • Lakemont Park NEW Smoking Policy: Lakemont Park is a limited smoking facility. Smoking (including e-cigs {vapes} is only permitted in designated smoking areas. There is no smoking permitted outside of designated smoking areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted within picnic pavilions only.

  • All non-swimmers and children must wear life jackets while riding the paddleboats.

  • Some rides and attractions have height restrictions, which must be obeyed for the safety of all guests. Please see height requirement information on this website.

  • Firearms are not permitted within Lakemont Park.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted within picnic pavilions only.
  • Guests with picnic pavilion reservations only may drive their vehicles into the park to unload
    picnic supplies prior to park opening from 9am-10:30am. All vehicles must be out of the park
    by 10:30am. Loading may occur after the park closes for the evening. There is no tram service.

Pennsylvania Ride Safety Act #1994-58 requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding any ride and
must behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Failure to comply is cause
for immediate dismissal from the Park without a refund.

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